About Us

OUR BACKGROUND: We are family-owned business that has been in operation since 2005. We started as retailers, ourselves, in a cruise ship destination in Southeast Alaska. Our store carried over 150+ vendors, and served thousands of customers each week. In Fall 2009 we closed our physical retail location and decided to pursue a wholesale career with the knowledge we had acquired. We switched to wholesale representation–a perfect fit to allow us to stay in the retail sphere that we love, while allowing us more time with our young growing family!

OUR LINES: We are proud District Sales Representatives for Tense Wooden Watches. We’ve been wearing our own wood watches since 2007, when we first started selling them and discovered that they were extremely popular with customers. We also wholesale our original line of Real Natural Flower Jewelry, which makes custom jewelry designs from natural flowers set in Sterling Silver. This line is currently marketed to Alaska locations via Custom name-drop carding. We also recently started representing Quilling Card, which makes artisan-crafted 3D cards in the historic art form of paper twirling.

OUR PURPOSE: We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the typical Sales Representative. As former retailers, we know exactly what it takes to be an effective and successful rep that offers value to each client. We understand each client’s unique challenges with ordering, displaying, and handling customer concerns. We are not impersonal product pushers—we are experienced assistants who identify stores with good product potential, speak the retail language, and relate to retailers with valuable assistance that helps them succeed.

Also, with the added perspective of our own wholesale line, we know the unique challenges that face a wholesale company. This helps us address and assist companies as they face the difficulties of production, invoicing, and marketing/display needs for their customers. Our services help wholesalers and retailers create strong, lasting sales relationships.