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Tense Wood Watches is a family-owned and operated company located in British Columbia, Canada. They pride themselves in producing the world’s most unique time pieces that are enjoyed by nature lovers all over the world. Tense selects the world’s best natural materials from Africa, India, and many other exotic locales. Pairing their excellent wood craftsmanship with some of the top watch movements in the world (sourced from Miyota from Japan), they are committed to excellence in both art and function.

We were personally introduced to Tense watches in 2007, when we still had our own retail store in Alaska. We brought them in on a whim (long before wood watches were an international craze!), and were shocked when they took over as the best-sellers in our store of 200+ lines. Needless to say, when we closed our retail store in Fall 2009, we were thrilled to team up with Tense as Independent Sales Representatives. We now function as District Sales Managers, and serve Gift Shops and Galleries throughout the US and Internationally, as well.

From personal experience, we know that the watches are a show-stopper in stores, and we’re committed to educating our retailers in the best display and sales’ methods, so that they can also experience immense success with this line!

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