Alaska Flower Jewelry


Our vibrant flower jewelry pieces are made with natural miniature wildflowers that are carefully preserved to protect their beautiful colors. This unique art form has been alive for about 30 years in the heart of Mexico, with only a small amount of artisans preserving the tradition. Each flower jewelry piece goes through a nearly 20-step process, including forming the silver plated bases individually, and setting the preserved flowers in a glass-like, acrylic resin. This unique process will preserve the flower pendants and flower earrings for years to come!

The jewelry comes on name-dropped cards specific to location (i.e. “Alaska Wildflowers”, “Alaska Forget-Me-Nots”, “Hawaii Wildflowers”, etc). Please contact us for custom name-dropping specific to your location!

Below is a copy of our Alaska Flower Jewelry Catalog, and you can receive pricing by filling out our Wholesale Info Request form.

Real Natural Alaska Flower Jewelry Catalog